How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Lash Appointment

Whether you are coming in for a full set or just a fill, there are a few things you can do to help make your lash appointment go smooth for both you and your lash tech. 

1.    Come to your lash appointment on time and possibly even a few minutes early to use the restroom and to remove any makeup prior to your appointment so that we can get started right away at your appointment time and get the most out of your appointment. 

2.    Please make sure your lashes are clean prior to coming in! Especially if you are coming in for a fresh full set, try not to have ANY mascara on your top lashes.  Yes, we have makeup remover and primer but many times, with the mascaras on the market today, even with cleansing and doing all the necessary prep work, there is still a film or waxy residue left on the natural lashes that we sometimes can’t even see.  This can cause the extension to not get a good bond to the natural lash and will result in poor retention of the lash extensions where they may not last as long as they are meant to. 

3.    Be ready to fully relax during your appointment!  Most people DO fall asleep! The less you move the better and sometimes, we may even ask you to refrain from talking too.  We love us some good conversation but when you talk during the application, your eyes and face moves, making it very difficult to isolate each natural lash and attach the extension.  Ever try to hit a moving target? How about when the target is a teensy-tiny eyelash? I think you get what we are trying to say here. We want to make sure we are lashing every available lash for you!  We will provide a comfy relaxing atmosphere but you are also welcome to bring in earbuds to listen to your own music or podcasts while you get lashed!

4.    Prior to your appointment, try to avoid any alcohol or caffeine.  You will be laying down for a long period of time where we need you to be completely relaxed.  Both alcohol and caffeine warrant extra trips to the bathroom and may also cause for restlessness and fidgeting. 

5.    If you are coming in for a brand new full set or maybe wanting to change up your current look, have a few pictures ready to show your Lash Tech and/or have any questions you might have ready to discuss! This helps give us an idea of what type of look you want to go for.  We will assess your natural lashes to see if that is something we can make happen. If not, the stylist will discuss with you what your options are based on your natural lashes and will do our best to achieve a look that is similar, yet safe. 

There you have it—tips for a successful lash appointment! We book our appointments by time and being prepared for your session will allow us to spend every minute you book on getting as many lashes applied as possible!  Let us pamper you while you relax and get beautified!